We help active individuals in the Phoenix area reach their full potential and achieve movement for life.

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How it works

Experience a higher level of physical therapy and wellness. Laws of Motion Physical Therapy is a private pay performance practice with hour-long, one-on-one treatment sessions designed with your goals in mind. Our priority is discovering the root cause and helping you restore pain-free movement by providing tools to maintain and enhance your performance through movement-based exercise.


Restore pain-free movement

Discover the root cause of your dysfunction and decrease pain and limitations.


Optimize movement

Enhance efficiency of your movement to reduce recurrence of pain and/or limitations.


Enhance physical capacity

Bridge the gap between rehabilitation and performance to achieve your full potential.


Maintain proper function

Develop strategies to maintain your performance.

Highly skilled therapists

Our therapists are dedicated to their practice and strive to improve their skills on a daily basis to continue to serve the clients to their best ability. We firmly believe that the more information we learn, the more we understand that we don’t know. It is that passion that continues to motivate us to reach our potential in order to guide you to reach your potential.

We work with world-class organizations

​Physical therapy is complex and rapidly advancing. We proudly work with organizations that bring the best of art and science to the field to help you achieve your potential.

Healthcare Partnerships

We keep our clients happy and healthy

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Our practice

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