Unlocking the Benefits of Zone 2 Cardio for Optimal Health and Longevity

Unlock the Benefits of Zone 2 Cardio Zone 2 cardio training is often overlooked in favor of high-intensity workouts, but understanding its importance can unlock numerous health benefits. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the significance of Zone 2 cardio training for optimizing health, extending life span, and mitigating various health concerns. What is Zone […]

Top Blog Posts From Our Colleagues

Check our these great blog posts from our colleagues across the country. We have a bunch of great colleague friends throughout the country – and we thought it’d be great to highlight some of their work! Rehab vs. Reconditioning: What’s the Difference? Shift your perspective on injury recovery with the concept of ‘Reconditioning’—a performance-focused approach […]

Tips to Survive the Holiday Bloat

Tips to Survive the Holiday Bloat With the holiday season among use we all want to enjoy our favorite sugary treats, comfort foods and holiday cocktails. Unfortunately, most of the best holiday staples are full of inflammation such as sugar, artificial dyes, additives, etc. This can leave us feeling bloated, fatigued, and plagued by brain […]

Protein and Physical Therapy: What You Need to Know

Protein and Rehabilitation: What You Need to Know The Role of Protein Protein emerges as a crucial ally in the journey of body recovery and healing, especially during periods of training and rehabilitation. Understanding its significance becomes paramount as we delve into how protein facilitates not only muscle repair but also accelerates the rehabilitation process […]

How to Read Supplement Labels

How to Read Supplement Labels In a world filled with supplement options, ensuring you are taking the right dosage is key to achieving your health and wellness goals. This blog post is dedicated to deciphering supplement labels including turmeric, fish oil capsules, magnesium, and vitamin D, while highlighting the recommended dosages. Decoding Supplement Nutrition Labels […]

Sleep Health: Don’t Sleep on Sleep

Turn on any television show for 20 minutes and you will undoubtable see a commercial advertising some sort of sleep aid. Whether or not it has been identified, sleep health has become a huge issue in America, and it is slowly killing us. Before we dive into the importance of sleep health as it relates […]

The Importance of an Efficient Foot and Ankle

Foundation is key. Ask any builder and they’ll tell you cracks in the foundation can lead to problems throughout a house.  The same can be said for our body and movements. Foot and ankle efficiency is no different. If the part of the body that serves as our contact to the surface is not functioning efficiently, […]

Tongue Tied

Treating Tongue and Lip Ties in Babies Since August is National Breastfeeding Month, we decided this would be the perfect time to share our story about our son Cooper and his lip/tongue tie. We will outline treating tongue ties and lip ties in babies. First, we’d like to start by answering a couple questions. What […]