Manual treatment

Cervical spine

Many of the cervical rotation limitations causing pain we will see is a lack of movement translating from your neck to your thoracic spine. This video shows a brief display on how that is treated and the benefits you will see.

Lateral ankle sprains

This may be one of the most common injuries sustained by athletes and it is commonly overlooked as it will “heal on its own”.  We have found many people who have a history of ankle sprains develop foot and ankle pain, knee pain, and even hip and low back pain later on if the efficiency of the foot and ankle is not restored.


The pelvis is a key structure that we treat on almost every patient including those with hip pain and low back pain to those with shoulder and neck pain.  Efficiency in the pelvis is also vital for performance improvement.  This video will show a brief treatment and describe the importance of hip abduction and hip adduction.


The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in our body which results in one of the more injured areas. This video provides a brief description of what we look at in a shoulder to restore efficient throwing mechanics and overhead reaching and lifting as well as the importance of treating the scapular or shoulder blade along side the shoulder.

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