Infrared Sauna Experience

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Infrared Sauna Experience

There is still some debate on the benefits of infrared sauna use.  We recently purchased one and Greg and I both have nothing but positive things to say about our infrared sauna experience.  This is my story thus far:

Heather’s Background

For those of you who don’t already know, I suffer from Ulcerative Colitis. UC is an inflammatory bowel disorder that not only causes fun digestive symptoms but also wrecks all sorts of havoc throughout my body. This has led me on the endless journey to improve my health and allows me a first hand experience to help improve the health of my clients. Over the last year, I have focused on supporting my detox pathways. The biggest recent change I’ve made has been purchasing and utilizing an infrared sauna.

Personal Benefits I Have Noticed Over the Last 3 Months

  •  Improved Immune Function
    • With two toddlers in daycare they are constantly bringing home new viruses each week. I am also on an immunosuppressive drug, so needless to say I was getting sick more often than ever before. Since using the sauna, I have found that I am able to fight off the illness at the start of mild symptoms before they take over and knock me out. 
  • Better Skin
    • Changes in the skin can be an early sign that your body is having trouble detoxing properly. After having our kids and needing to take prednisone during flare ups, I started having breakouts that I never had before. This has significantly improved. I’ve even received a couple compliments about how good my skin has been looking lately – which is always a plus.
  • GI Resiliency
    • 85-90% of the time I eat very clean and stick close to a paleo diet. Occasionally, I will indulge in food I used to love like pizza and drinks with friends. This used to send my body into a spiral or leave me feeling like I had a food hangover with increased fatigue, pain, and brain fog for the next week. I still can’t go back to the full standard American diet (nor do I ever want to) but I have noticed these occasional cheat days or weekends out of town don’t affect me nearly as bad. 
  • Better Exercise Recovery
    • Previously I was having some difficulty with exercise intolerance. Either becoming overly fatigued and dizzy while working out or feeling significant muscle soreness for the next few days. This was becoming so frustrating because I really do love exercising. Since using the sauna, I have been able to better tolerate strength training without onset of symptoms and still feel the normal muscle soreness for a day or two but no where near the same intensity as before. I have also been able to attend workout classes again without any issue.
  • Improved Sleep Quality
    • I am one of the lucky individuals who is just an awful sleeper. Greg lays his head on the pillow and instantly falls asleep while I am tossing and turning all night. Some days I feel exhausted all day and when night finally comes my body decides its wide awake. Using the sauna seems to help calm my nervous system down and I have been able to fall asleep easier without waking up as frequently throughout the night. 
  • More Efficient Detoxing/Better Ability to Sweat
    • This is a weird one. I never realized how horrible I was at sweating and honestly I thought it was a good thing because who wants to be sweaty. In reality this is not a healthy sign from your body and means you are most likely having trouble eliminating the toxins of the world from your system. Since using the sauna I have noticed a considerable difference in my ability to sweat while in the sauna, working out or in the heat. I’m still working on shifting my mindset and reminding myself that sweat is actually a great thing for my body. 
Scottsdale Physical Therapy Infrared Sauna

Our Infrared Sauna

Scottsdale Physical Therapy Infrared Sauna experience.We use the Sunlighten mPulse Infrared Sauna. This sauna incorporates precise far, mid and infrared light and red light wavelengths each of which are beneficial for the body. Infrared is a spectrum of light that comes from the sun. Traditional saunas heat the air to increase your body temperature and typically run around 160-200°F (70-95°C). Infrared heats your body directly to increase your core temperature so it does not need to get as hot. Optimal infrared sauna benefits occur between 100.4°F-129°F (38-54°C). This makes it more tolerable if you have heat sensitivities. The pre-set programs typically run from 30-45 min. To get your body accustomed to infrared therapy you can start at 10-15 min at a lower temperature and work your way up to tolerance – my sensitive body never had an issue with tolerating the programs at the full time and temperature. Click Here to view their website. 

Infrared Sauna Benefits:

  • Detoxification 
  • Heart Health
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Anti-Aging
  • Relaxation
  • Immunity
  • Sleep
  • Weight loss

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