The Basics of Manual Therapy

Greg Law

Greg Law

Manual therapy can be explained in many ways but essentially it is the use of hands-on intervention to help patients optimize their function and improve their movement efficiency. Like so many others before me, I have chosen to become a manual therapist because it provides me the option to impact my clients’ lives and guide them through their physical therapy journey.  The power of human touch can help reinforce movement patterns, cue proper movement, free up mechanical restrictions, and facilitate proper muscular contraction to improve movement and optimize function.


Manual therapy should follow three pillars of treatment addressing mechanical, neuromuscular, and motor control dysfunctions (for a more in-depth description, click here). Manual therapy can do wonders for improving function, but it does not serve as a stand-alone treatment. Manual therapy can help clients feel better and move better, but it cannot “fix” client’s dysfunctions.  It serves as a tool to help people move better but it has to be paired with patient education on proper movement and positioning, improving nutrition, proper sleep patterns, improving mobility, and, last but not least, getting stronger (can’t go wrong gettin’ strong).


In short, manual therapy is a treatment model I firmly believe helps people move more efficiently.  I have helped clients both young and old, active and inactive, professional athletes and weekend warriors, and I know we can work together to help you accomplish your goals.  For more information about what to expect from an appointment with me, click here.  It will be the first click on the road to accomplishing your goals.

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